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Proposel-Related Details (Queries/ Reports)
pending proposal list (Date wise)
completed proposal list (Date wise)
Proposal list (Date of registration wise)
Policy Related Details (Queries/Reports)
Policy registers (Family wise/ client wise/ policy wise/ name wise/ comm. date wise/ plan wise/ mode wise/ location wise/ age wise/ P.A.code wise for SSS policies)
Policy status report (Policy wise)
Agency status report (Policy status report)
Policy ledger (Policy wise)
Premium due statement (Date wise/ policy wise/ name wise/ family wise/ location wise/ P.A code wise)
Premium outstanding statement (Date wise/ policy wise/ name wise/ family wise/ location wise/ P.A code   wise)
Lapsed policy statement (Date wise/ policy wise/ name wise/ family wise/ location wise/ P.A code   wise)
Multiple due statement (Date wise/ policy status wise)
Survival benefit due statement (Family wise/ date wise/ S.B due date wise)
Survival benefit received statement
Daily premium deposit register (Date wise)
Policy maturity statement (Date wise)
Revival quotation for lapsed policies
Premium certificate (Date wise/ family wise)
New business statement (Date wise)
In-force policies statement (Date wise)
Commission-Related Details (Queries/Reports)
Commission bill ledger-detailed report (Date wise)
Commission ledger (Date wise/ policy wise)
Deduction summary of advances and recoveries
Pending commission statement (Date wise)
pending commission letter
Short commission statement (Date wise)
Bonus commission statement (Date wise)
Commission outstanding statement (Date wise)
Gap commission statement (Date wise)
Client Services (Queries/ Reports)
Comprehensive insurance charts  (Family wise/ client wise)
Premium calendar  (Family wise/ client wise/ name wise)
Cash flow chart  (Family wise/ client wise)
Cash in & cash out  (Detail & summary)
Loan value/ surrender value quotation  (Existing/ new policy wise)
Maturity value quotation  (Existing/new policy wise)
Premium due, survival benefit due, maturity due, lapsed policy intimation
Other investments maturity intimation  (FDR/GIC/ KVP/ NSC/ MIS)
Birthday and marriage anniversary list & greetings  (Client wise)
Seasonal greetings  (Client wise)
Indexing of policy holder, their address and telephone number
Standard letter to policy holders for advise and follow up
Mailing labels-correspondence/ residential  (Family wise)
Client index  (Name wise/ family wise)
Family index  (Family head wise)
Client data sheet
Prospective client index  (Date wise/ name wise/ location wise)
Bliss D.O. Advisor
Agent Info & Analysis
Agent list  (Name wise, Appointment date wise, Issue date wise, Renewal date wise)
Agent’s business history  (Policy data wise, business date wise)
Target v/s actual performance
Agent’s income (Agency wise, Appraisal year wise)
Agent’s ranking  (Sum assured wise, No. of lives wise, premium wise)
Periodical Queries/ Reports
Credit statement  (Date wise)
Gap credit statement (Date wise)
Appraisal statement (Date wise)
Dev.officer to L.I.C. correspondence  (Branch wise)
Dev.officer to agent correspondence  (Agent wise)
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Tool for any Mutual Fund Financial Consultant/Wealth Manager...
Necessary asset for all LIC Agents. Plan Presentations, commission ledger, maturity value quotation, income tax calculator…
Improved customer service and better operations management for Hospitals. Stock, Wards, Equipment Complaints. Cure manages all...
History, Prescription, Billing, consultation, Resource scheduling its all here...
Organize Contacts, schedule tasks, Budget your expenses, Remember birthdays and lots more for you...
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