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Dealership - only from MARG Software Solutions
 Working with MARG Software Solution is much more about enjoying work rather than following a regular pattern. Its informal, but professional envirnoment gives more opportunities to develop yourself personally and professionally. We believe in appreciating those who put full efforts and are dedicated towards their job.
People associated with us are unafraid to voice new ideas as ours is an organization of minimal hierarchy. We are always looking for talented, knowledgable and ambitious people who can take our organization to greater heights.

We, however, lay more emphasis on analytical power, common-sense, creative thinking and mental aptitude of a person which no degree can provide.

If you believe in our theory of work, and would like to be asscoiated with us in any manner, do feel free to submit following details.
Lucknow - Head Office & Development Centre
SF-I / III, Asha Apartment #1,
7-Way Road,
Lucknow- 226001 (UP), India.
Tel:  + 91-522-2207744/ 3012394 / 3012395
Fax: + 91-522-4090509
Cell: + 91-9415408619 / 9415108785 E-mail:
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